Christian Marriage Advice – The Ideal Way To A Happy Married Life

“For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. So then, they no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate.” – Matthew 19:5-6

Christianity has brought us into the faith that God is always present in our life and that He provides all our needs in order to be happy and fulfilled in an abundant life. The same is true with Christian marriage. It serves as not mere rules obligated to follow but an ideal way to make every Christian Marriage a happy and rewarded married life to a couple.

What is Christian Marriage?

As people are bound by love and commitment in the witness of God, these two people pledge to become one entity. Simply saying, if a man and a woman wish to bind themselves in a Christian marriage, no being on earth can ever remove that bind. These people commit on uniting themselves under God’s grace therefore must never be separated.

Christian marriage is a commitment of two people to love each other until the rest of their lives. They took a vow of love under the eyes of God and promised to love each other for better and for worse. But, Christian marriage does not end after the wedding ceremony. The fact is that Christian marriage begins on the moment the man and the woman pledge on an everlasting love under God’s grace and continues throughout their married life.

Is Christian marriage similar to a non-Christian marriage?

All married life is the same considering the fact that both man and woman love one another and live together until they die. However, Christian marriage is implemented under the grace of God wherein non-Christian marriage is dependent on the fortitude of the couple.

Unlike non-Christian marriage, living a married life with much faith in the Lord always result in a joyful and satisfied life for both the husband and the wife. Christian couples believe that through the guidance of the Lord and the faith they have in their hearts, no difficult times can loosen their bind of commitment. In other words, Christian marriage always leads to a contented married life and never results in divorce or separation.

So, how does a couple live a Christian Marriage?

Like any aspect in a Christian life, marriage is all about faith in God and commitment to love and serve one’s spouse.

A man must love and sacrifice his wife at all times and a woman must submit to her husband for all time.

The husband will have to honor his wife and the wife will possess a pious character and an inner beauty.

The man must always be gentle and caring to his wife and the woman must serve his husband.

God tells us that marriage is created as a companionship between a man and a woman with the inclusion of intimacy that must only be fenced inside the marriage. No person must involve themselves with a married man or a married woman intimately as this is considered adultery.

What ways can a couple do for their Christian marriage to work?

Doing things together makes a good bonding time for a couple. They may not share the same workplace or the same hobbies but they can be together in acting on to their Christian duties. Praying together as well as reading the bible together will continue to remind them of the commitment they had with the Lord to become as one. Discussing and making mutual decisions will enhance the relationship and trust for one another. Understanding and being sensitive to their partner will always lessen the need for argument and hasty fights.

And of course, dating will always be a good way to keep the flame of love in the relationship. Spending quiet and intimate time together will strengthen the bind of love the couple commits forever. Faith and trust in the Lord will assure the couple that they will have a good and amazing married life until the rest of their lives.

To have a clear idea on how a Christian Marriage works, watch this video:

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