Why Do Marriages Succeed Or Fail? The Reasons Behind A Successful (Or A Failing) Marriage

Will my marriage succeed or fail? That is the question a soon to be married woman would normally ask. Is her marriage going to be like a fairy tale come true or just like one of those nightmares where it all end up in legal separation and the kids come and visit in a day or two.

The success, or failure, of a marriage actually depends on both the husband and wife. No hereditary reasons behind each story or predictions from a shiny round lamp. The key to making a marriage works or falters is on the couple’s acts on how they go about with their marriage.

So, why do marriages succeed?

Most marriages succeed because both the husband and wife want to make their marriage a huge success. They both work on ways to allow each other to enjoy their relationship. Love, passion, understanding, trust, good communication and respect are all implemented throughout their married life. Despite their differences, partners learn to accept each other for whatever they are and love one another all the days of their life.

Married couples vow to love and respect one another on the day of their wedding. This commitment goes on until the rest of their lives. By committing faithfully to that vow, the couple learns to appreciate each other and thus live longer days being together.

Trusting each other is another key on how a marriage is becoming successful. Allowing the other to explore on things that could make him or her happy yet entrusting him or her not to do something that can harm your relationship is one example of trust. No doubt is form within the marriage.

Trusting in the Lord is also a good reason why marriages succeed. If the husband and wife have faith in the Lord and entrust in Him their lives, no arguments or problems can ever break the love that binds them.

But, why do marriages fail?

This is very evident in many couples these days. Failed marriages and divorce is tremendously increasing as the years pass. Why does this happen?

The reason why many marriages fail is that the couple does not have the strength to make their marriage work. Once the couple faces intense fights and bigger problems, they tend to weaken and try to avoid these predicaments through separation. They believe that when they separate from each other, their problems will just fade away.

Another reason why marriages fail is the lack of spontaneity in the relationship of the married couple. Everything else is in routine and both the husband and wife will fail to have the excitement they once felt when they exchanged their vows. Intimacy lacks its spice and it essentially creates a gap between the two lovers.

Not accepting each other is also a great factor why people are into divorce. When they are now in a married life where they both live with each other, flaws and habits are starting to show. Some couples cannot endure each other’s differences and mistakes thus would rather be away from each other than accept those imperfections.

If we come take a look at both the situation, it all points to the couple’s decisions whether they will do more to save their marriage or stop and go on a separate life. No matter what you and your partner is going into, whether a happy married life or a roller coaster relationship, it all depends on both of you whether you want your marriage to be a success or a failure.

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